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Poetry for Wellbeing

It would be hard to overestimate how writing poetry has helped my own journey. The secret for me was the realization that publication is not the point, with all the scrutiny and judgment that the publishing process invites. In my poetry, it is not about what anyone else thinks.

It is simply, for me, more like a practice, a discipline whose outputs I can choose to share with other people. I was about to say that it's an extension of journalling, but in fact it's just as likely to either come before journalling or to come after it. They are a rich and swirling mix, when they are flowing. And when they are not flowing, it's important to remember that there is no deadline, no accountability, no contract except with myself.

I'd be happy to mentor you in such a process, if you feel drawn towards it. Writing with honesty and intensity is immensely healing. You can find either the soaring heights of your ideals or the bottom of your swamp, work with your angel and your shadow, and all in a safe space of your own imagining.