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Finding the right words

I'm no carpenter, nor am I a brilliant administrator - and not everyone is "good with words." If you struggle to express yourself in words and would like some gentle, reflective and accurate support, however little or however much, perhaps I can help.

You might want to say something more clearly, or more beautifully, or more elegantly, or more persuasively, or more professionally. Or more deeply and emotively. It might be anything from a sales letter to a poem, or a website or some help with your wedding vows or ceremony, a flier or a funeral service, a book or story, a script or speech or a lyric, a press release or a case study, a corporate report, some courseware or presentation material, I'll help you find the right words, to get to the heart of what you want to say, and find the language that will express what you want to say clearly and accurately.

I'm also something of an ace editor, and can fix texts that are broken or not achieving their purpose, whether they are just not quite right or need major surgery.