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  • Steady, Pilgrim: More poems by Peter Neary-Chaplin

    My second collection of verse. Here's what poet Adrian Scott had to say about it:

    "This is a really strong follow up to Peter's first book, 'My Mother is an Old Elephant'. The poems are earthy and some have that autobiographical quality that is both personal and yet universal, as it touches one's own experience and illuminates it. I love the poem 'Journey of Illumination' it gets under the skin of glib spirituality and to the deep and difficult heart of life. If you want a poem a day for a rich few weeks of reflection this would be a great buy. I love the book's cover - it touches the child within the adult on the pilgrim track of life. "

    And this from Peter Taylor:

    "Peter has again excelled in creating poetry of extraordinary warmth and accessibility; each poem can be read in the space of a few minutes and the/a message is clear, leaving the reader the luxury of wallowing in that warmth, as if taking a leisurely bath. This is not to say that the pieces are shallow - far from it: they touch on the jugular issues of maintaining the spiritual life of man, keeping that part of one's life strong and able to cope with the misfortunes, and sometimes the horrors, of the immediate, physical world, always offering a positive take on whatever might otherwise cripple our thoughts and responses. I liked particularly "Easdale" - for the wake-up to the fact that the width of a road can (nay, must) be measured, at least in places, by the haunches of cattle. And there is much more revelation in the pages than that from which we will all learn. "

    And Leeann Roots said this:

    "Beautiful, full of pathos and stilled my heart."

  • My Mother is an Old Elephant
    by Peter Neary-Chaplin

    The Kindle edition of my first collection of poetry. Less than half the price of a cup of coffee, but with a million times the stimulation and still available instantly!

    Here's what readers think:

    "This small collection teems with humanity and a deep love of all that goes to make life special and particular for the author, while opening up the opportunity for every reader to glean/gain something warm and wonderful from this brief insight into one man's experiences and influences. A tremendous first foray into the consciousness of readers who seek to learn from each other."

    "These are poems for grown-ups, not especially easy and they really need to be read, pondered and reread. They're short, so that's fine. TS Eliot may have been an influence; certainly the Biblical quotations and allusions are there. "Keeping the Inn at Emmaus" with its powerful, visual images is my favourite and if anything makes me find the Bookmark function on my Kindle, this will."
  • My Mother Is An Old Elephant
    by Mr Peter James Neary-Chaplin

    The paperback edition of my first collection of poetry. About the price of a couple of drinks, but with fewer calories and a much healthier effect on your heart.