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Losing my religion (1)

I'm probably a little slow to the races on this subject. It has taken a lot of study and heart searching over the last couple of years to arrive at my current state, which is somewhere between "recovering fundamentalist" and "reverential agnostic." I've spent a lot of time studying Dawkins too, a fine and elegant writer, with an appealing streak of humility, at times. Some of the other New Atheists, however, seem to be little more than fundamentalists themselves, absolutely intolerant of views that differ from their own on subjects about which there can be no certainty.

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Armed aid

Remember that recent unpleasantness in the Gulf? I clearly recall hearing politicians and uniformed military people telling me how they could now fill a missile with 100,000lbs of high explosive, fire it from a hundred miles away and post it through Saddam Hussein's letterbox. Minimal collateral damage, they said. Surgical strikes.

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